This section concerns shuttles both for the event and for practice.

1. Number of shuttles to be used

To cater for differences in temperature mainly minimum 2 speeds of BWF approved shuttles  should be available. Each speed should be provided in sufficient quantity to run the whole event. The number of shuttles to be used can be roughly estimated based on previous experience of the quality of the shuttle and the number of matches in the tournament. With a good tournament shuttle 5-6 shuttles per match should normally be sufficient.

2. Shuttle control 

A person must be appointed to be in charge of shuttle control. This person shall distribute shuttles to matches and receive unused shuttles back. The person shall make a daily report for the Referee of the shuttle usage. The person is also responsible for the security and storage of the shuttles.

3. Shuttle testing

The Referee will test and decide which speed of shuttles to start the tournament with. New test and decision will be made before each day of play or before each session if applicable.