At first, the bidding procedures and the key dates should be ascertained by the organisation interested in hosting the event. Two useful tools here might be the Official Bidding Document for Badminton Europe Events 2017-2023 and the Join the Circuit section of the BEC website. At the same time, the international sports calendar should be scanned for other major sporting events around the same dates, especially when applying to host one of the Championships.

The planned dates should be decided in advance and provisional bookings should be made for the venue (with time for setup and removal of courts included) as well as for other facilities, like hotels and the training hall.

Consequently, the sanction application (as per described in Section 1) may be submitted. Once the event is sanctioned by BEC or by both BEC and BWF respectively, the provisional bookings need to be confirmed.

Possible funding partners such as the city council, regional government, National Olympic Committee as well as other major institutions including potential sponsors should be approached in order to ensure the financial foundation of the event and secure the necessary financial guarantees.

Applications for hosting Championships should be supported by a bid summary, e.g. in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. Such a summary could contain information about:

-the Organisers
-the Organisers’ experience in hosting events
-the proposed dates
-the suggested schedule
-the city and relevant supporting letters
-the venue including relevant facts and figures
-the practice facilities
-the accommodation possibilities and costs
-the media and television possibilities
-other information deemed relevant by the Organisers