1. The Steering group

To facilitate a good organisation of the event it is important to create an organisational structure that will ensure the tasks and responsibilities, as presented below, are being handled. For this purpose, the Organisers should establish the so called Steering group.

The Steering group shall be led by the Tournament director and consist of the people responsible for the main areas of the event. We call these people Heads of Sections. A Head of Section can be responsible for more than one task at a time, however, it is important to make sure that the following areas are covered:

-The venue
-Practice facilities
-Ticketing and accreditation
-Match control
-Technical officials
-Anti-doping and medical
-Social functions and meetings
-Security and safety
-Commercial and partners
-Media and promotion

For Championships the Tournament director will be the communication point between the Steering group, Badminton Europe and the Referee through the Committee of Management (see below number 5).

2. Organisation chart

Once the Steering group is in place an organisation chart should be finalised and distributed to the relevant parties. The chart should be accompanied by a contact list of everybody involved in organising the event.

This organisation chart will enable everybody to understand who is responsible for each area as it is an important tool for cross section communication.

3. The first meeting of the Steering group

The first meeting of the Steering group should be called to create a common vision for the project.

At the first meeting, this Events Organisers’ Manual should be presented to the Steering group.

The meeting will enable the Heads of Sections to get acquainted with one another and create the necessary team spirit.

The Heads of Sections shall have questions answered regarding their areas of responsibility and especially financial control and budget matters shall be clarified.

4. The progress review meetings

It is important to set up regular meetings to make sure all areas are progressing as scheduled.

Notes from these meetings should be circulated to all parties involved. It is imperative that outstanding issues are addressed with a clear focus on who is in charge of the task. This is inclusive of the deadline by which the task must be completed.

5. Committee of Management

To facilitate smooth communication between the Organisers and Badminton Europe when organising Championships and for Badminton Europe to be able to monitor the progress of event preparations, the Committee of Management shall be established.

The Committee of Management usually consists of:

-BEC Chair of Major Events or another appointed BEC representative
-BEC Staff
-the Referee
-the Tournament director

6. Focusing on legacy of the event

In the planning phase of the event it is important to focus on the different legacies the event should leave behind. For example:

-to bring more volunteers into badminton
-to bring more spectators into badminton
-to educate coaches alongside the event
-to increase long-term TV interest for badminton
-to increase long-term press coverage for badminton
-to attract new, lasting sponsors to badminton