Good communication is often the key to a good event. Most reasons for complaints arise due to miscommunication or lack of information.

1. Information to participants

Key dates should be set for sending information to and requesting information from participating players or teams.

This information should be published on the event’s webpage and could also be sent out in the form of newsletters.

Upon arrival, the participants should receive a final newsletter which could contain the following information: 

 Accreditation procedure  Parking 
 Anti-doping  Physiotherapy
 Catering  Practice schedule
 Ceremonies  Public transport
 Clothing regulations  Results service
 Functions, parties  Safety and security
 Hotel information  Schedule of play
 Laundry  Seating in venue
 Information desk location  Sightseeing and tours
 Maps of city centre  Shuttles
 Map of venue  Stringing service
 Medical arrangements  Tickets for spectators
 Meetings  Transport
 Names/contact details of key people   Video access

2. Visas

Visas are a crucial area. Contact should be made with the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get an understanding of all requirements connected with the visa issuance procedure.

A specific invitation from the event Organisers is necessary for some teams and players to obtain visas. This invitation should typically contain the names of the players and officials involved including their dates of birth, passport numbers and dates of issue and expiry. 

3. Signs and information

A list of required signs for the venue, major arrival points and the hotels should be produced.

An information desk should be set up at the venue where team managers can collect draws, results and other relevant information for the players. Locations, staffing plans and opening hours for additional information desks should be agreed upon.

Information for spectators regarding draws and daily schedules should be available at the venue entrance.

4. Meetings

During the event, the Steering group should have regular meetings to exchange information and to solve problems that may arise.

Event related meetings like the Team managers meeting and Umpires briefing should be organised in consultation with the Referee.