To secure sponsorship it is important to create value for the sponsoring companies. This value can come from exposure, networking possibilities or goodwill in the society.

1. Sponsorship restrictions

It is important to decide which segments to approach, but also to identify where there are segments that cannot be used for sponsorship purposes. Restrictions could come from:

-government legislation
-conditions in the contract with the body awarding the event (Badminton Europe)
-conditions in badminton-specific regulations
-other restrictions due to ethical convictions

2. Presentation material

A professional presentation material should be produced and distributed to potential sponsors.

This material should look attractive, contain relevant figures and facts and give a positive picture of the event, including potential advantages sponsoring the event will have.

It could be of interest to present:

-events and badminton specific information
-the likely media and TV coverage
-entertainment and hospitality opportunities
-sponsor possibilities and packages

It is important that the material itself signals value and therefore a quality appearance is crucial. If the material also has innovative content and is differentiated from similar materials it is an advantage. Finally, if part of the material is tailor-made for specific sponsors this can be the deciding factor between success and failure.

3. Subsidiary sponsorships

Examples of subsidiary sponsorships are:

-official hotels
-official airlines
-official travel agency
-official car/bus supplier
-official soft drink/water supplier
-official beer
-official caterer
-official office equipment supplier
-official court equipment supplier

These types of sponsorships are essential to offset costs. Creativity in this field is required.

4. Sponsorship plan

It is crucial to approach potential sponsors as early as possible as it can take years to have a sponsor sign up. A decision by the sponsor is often reflected in their possibilities in the financial year and therefore requires forward planning.

The sponsorship plan should detail which sponsors to approach by which means of communication and the intended time scales. Furthermore, there should be a target date when sponsorship deals shall be concluded and contracts signed.

The actual signing of a contract can prove vital as loose agreements can fail to materialise for a number of reasons.

5. Sponsor caring 

Once a sponsor has been attracted to sponsoring badminton, everything must be done to ensure that the sponsor is satisfied as it is often easier to maintain sponsors than to attract new ones.

A person should be responsible for the contract and make sure that the contract is being followed and if possible offer extra services to the sponsor.

Inviting sponsors, local authorities and other partners to the event is a must. Special conditions in terms of hospitality and seating should be offered to the sponsors so that they feel well taken care of during the event.

Besides reserving special seats, an option might be to set up a VIP room or a VIP area with comfortable seating, drinks, food, etc. where the sponsors could be invited to refresh themselves while watching the games. This might be a good opportunity for talking to them in a high standard but less formal and relaxed atmosphere.

Another idea could be with the help of the media to organise an interview with the sponsor.

If feasible, it might also be interesting to offer the sponsor or event partner to participate in the prize giving ceremony.

After the event, the sponsors should be thanked appropriately.