The considerations regarding accommodation for players, officials, volunteers and guests are mainly that the prices are suitable and that the booking and payments procedures are as smooth as possible.

1. Securing the official hotels

The intended official hotels should be contacted even before the event is secured and prices should be negotiated to form part of the bid summary.

When making a substantial booking, better rates can normally be negotiated.

When making the arrangement with the hotels it is necessary to clarify the booking and payment terms.

2. Accommodation requirements

It is important to make a good assessment of the accommodation requirements. Accommodation may be required for:

-teams and players
-referees and umpires
-line judges
-equipment suppliers
-VIP’s, sponsors and guests
-administrative staff

It is equally important to estimate the number of nights required for the different groups. Some will have to stay for the duration of the whole event whereas others may just require a limited number of nights.

3. Accommodation range and location

There can be quite a range in the expectations when it comes to accommodation standards. The organisers should take into account that some teams/players are on a very tight budget, or are coming from countries with lower GDP’s, and therefore will be seeking cheaper accommodation.

This can be facilitated by using apartments, hostels or low budget hotels.

Another factor to consider is the proximity of the accommodation facilities to the venue. It is an advantage if the accommodation is close to the venue to save transport time and costs.

4. Accommodation booking procedures

First of all, procedures for provisional bookings should be agreed especially to ensure that participants don’t have to pay for bookings that do not materialise.

A cut-off date should be set when bookings must be finally confirmed.

Normally the bookings are handled directly with the hotel or through a travel agency.

The information that should reach the people making bookings is:

-accommodation options
-deadline dates for reservation
-deposit rules
-cancellation fees
-final terms of settlement

5. Accommodation payment

The payments for accommodation can either be dealt with by the Organisers or directly with the hotel. If the Organisers decide to take on this task they also run the risk of being left with unpaid bills.

Regardless of the system chosen it is necessary to have clear information of who is responsible for paying which expenses. It is especially important that all payments are settled before participants’ departure.