This section deals with the playing conditions at the venue with the purpose to give the players the best possible environment to play.

1. Lighting

The optimal solution is to have TV-lights over all courts. This is, however, an expensive solution.

If the regular lights of the hall are being used it is important to ensure that the lights are not disturbing the players who are playing.

It is equally important that visibility and the quality of lighting are the same across all courts.

A-boards, banners and other advertising equipment immediately surrounding the courts should be in matt colours and shouldn’t have more than 20% white on them as reflections of light could disturb players’ vision.

All sources of daylight must be covered so that it does not enter the hall.

2. Court surface

The courts should be swept regularly between the games and vacuumed at least at the end of each playing day. After the last matches of the day the courts should also be inspected to ensure they are in a good condition.

3. Air-conditioning and heating

The air-conditioning and heating must be tested to ensure that it does not create draught in the hall which will disturb the players who are playing.

4. Height of the hall and obstructions

The hall should be minimum 7 meters high for U17 Circuit tournaments, minimum 9 meters high for Junior and Elite Circuit tournaments and minimum 12 meters high for Championships. Within that limit there should be no obstructions hanging from the ceiling which could influence the shuttles.