This section gives information regarding opening and prize giving ceremonies.

1. Opening ceremony

To organise an opening ceremony is optional.

If an opening ceremony is taking place, the Referees must be informed about this well in time, so that they can coordinate this with the playing schedule.

The program must be confirmed with the Committee of Management which shall ensure that the ceremony does not infringe with the tournament and is not too tiring for the players.

2. Prize giving ceremony 

The prize money must be given to the players/pairs at a prize giving ceremony. The prize giving ceremony should be made shortly after the completion of each of the finals.

The Organisers must make sure that the prize giving ceremony runs smoothly and quickly, without delaying the playing schedule unnecessarily. The people who are presenting the prizes must be ready for the ceremony as soon as the final is over.

Prizes to losing quarter- and/or semi-finalists can be given after completion of respectively the quarter- and semi-finals.